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In-store and Online Retail

The largest retailers in Latin America are Tracksale customers.
We offer a complete and integrated solution, to measure in real time, indicators related to customer experience in the physical or online world.

Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions

We serve banks and the largest insurance companies in the world with a safe solution that makes Loyalty KPI monitoring processes, focusing on customer retention and increased revenue.

Industry and Consumer Goods Manufacturers

The industry and manufacturers periodically increase your points of contact with your consumers. The quality measurement of these points of contact with customers is performed in real time, effectively, to dozens of companies in this segment.

Airlines and Logistics

Experiences on airlines are intense and require a high quality control due to its complexity, we simplify this process, in real time, and focusing on teams engagement.

Health Care, Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics

Experiences related to health care are complex and require dedicated attention.
We conducted the monitoring of patient satisfaction in real time through technological channels, engaging teams into solving problems and quality evolution.

Service Providers, Tourism and Hospitality

The quality of service should be performed on a daily basis, ensuring customer satisfaction with every interaction across all contact points. Require the high performance of your team by getting feedback from customers in real time.

Technology & Startups

Measuring real-time customer satisfaction indicators imply in feature improvements, roadmap adjustments, bug fixes and customer retention at the end user level, influencer and decision makers, ensuring revenue predictability.

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