Tracksale was born to be great

A Startup that Transforms Companies Lives for the Best

My dream is to enable companies to create a culture based on customer satisfaction

Tomás Duarte - CEO Tracksale

Specialist in Customer Satisfaction Management and Net Promoter Score

Born to be wild! Gesto Rock 'n Roll

The Tracksale was born with the mission to bring to Brazil the best concepts of Customer Satisfaction Management in the World.

Tomás, the co-founder, has lived in Silicon Valley (California - USA) and realized that the best companies in the world have a culture focused on experience and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, he set up his greatest challenge: To offer the best technology and performance so that all companies are able to increase their profits through a high customer satisfaction.

The team that makes it happen

A team of distinguished young innovators and their unique counselors

Foto de Tomás Duarte
Tomás Duarte CEO
Foto de Luiz Carvalho
Luiz Carvalho COO
Foto de Tatiana Carvalhais
Tatiana Carvalhais CAO
Foto de Evandro Miranda
Evandro Miranda Financial Manager
Foto de Lidiane Silva
Lidiane Silva Financial Analyst
Foto de Thaís Santos
Thaís Santos Financial Analyst
Foto de Lilian Gusmão
Lilian Gusmão Human Resource Team Lead
Foto de Carlos Assis
Carlos Assis Human Resource Analyst
Foto de Hernán Rivas
Hernán Rivas Partnership Development
Foto de Gabriel Santiago
Gabriel Santiago Product Manager
Foto de Nathan Tavares
Nathan Tavares Tech Lead
Foto de Renato Faria
Renato Faria Data Scientist
Foto de Guilherme Custódio
Guilherme Custódio Software Backend Engineer
Foto de Luis Borges
Luis Borges Software Frontend Engineer
Foto de Diego Matias
Diego Matias Software Frontend Engineer
Foto de Eduardo Gonçalves
Eduardo Gonçalves Software Frontend Engineer
Foto de Carlos Queiroz
Carlos Queiroz Software Frontend Engineer
Foto de José Raymundo
José Raymundo Requirements Analyst
Foto de Izabelle Sabino
Izabelle Sabino Requirements Analyst
Foto de Carlos Freitas
Carlos Freitas Software Reliability Engineer
Foto de Aliny Oliveira
Aliny Oliveira Compliance Analyst
Foto de Lahyri Pardi
Lahyri Pardi Software Engineer Intern
Foto de Mariano do Vale
Mariano do Vale Product Designer
Foto de Thamires Miranda
Thamires Miranda Product Designer
Foto de Igor Murta
Igor Murta Technical Support Team Lead
Foto de Walison Teixeira
Walison Teixeira Technical Support Analyst
Foto de Ângelo de Almeida
Ângelo de Almeida Technical Support Analyst
Foto de Túlio Campolina
Túlio Campolina Technical Support Analyst
Foto de Harumi Sallum
Harumi Sallum Customer Success Team Lead
Foto de Cristina Santos
Cristina Santos Customer Success
Foto de Rafael Techima
Rafael Techima Customer Success
Foto de Camila Costa
Camila Costa Customer Success
Foto de Isadora Duarte
Isadora Duarte Customer Success
Foto de Enilda Rodrigues
Enilda Rodrigues Customer Success
Foto de Fábio Mansur
Fábio Mansur Sales Manager
Foto de Fabio Veras
Fabio Veras Sales Analyst
Foto de Barbara Picolo
Barbara Picolo Sales Analyst
Foto de Nicholas Ribeiro
Nicholas Ribeiro Sales Analyst
Foto de Octavio Lopes
Octavio Lopes Sales Consultant
Foto de Leandro de Oliveira
Leandro de Oliveira Sales Consultant
Foto de Gabriel Condé
Gabriel Condé Sales Consultant
Foto de Gabriela Sporch
Gabriela Sporch Sales Consultant
Foto de Guido Coelho
Guido Coelho Marketing Manager
Foto de Nathália Leite
Nathália Leite Designer
Foto de Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva Designer
Foto de Lilian Silva
Lilian Silva Marketing Analyst
Foto de Mariana Lopes
Mariana Lopes Marketing Analyst
Foto de Luisa Sepúlveda
Luisa Sepúlveda Marketing Analyst
Foto de Elisa Renault
Elisa Renault Content Producer
Foto de Larissa Rios
Larissa Rios Videomaker
Foto de Monicke Fróes
Monicke Fróes Videomaker
Foto de Brenda Felipe
Brenda Felipe Social Media
Foto de Izabela Cunha
Izabela Cunha Events Manager
Foto de Karina Dalsecco
Karina Dalsecco Events Assistant
Foto de Márcia Souza
Márcia Souza CCO

Awards and Highlights

Focus towards standing out in Brazil and in the World

IBM Smartcamp Latin America IBM Smartcamp Latin America Tracksale was a finalist and winner of the IBM SmartCamp Latin America in the category People's Choice Awards. This is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship event of the Global IBM. We won amongst more than 400 companies
SEED SEED - Startups Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development Tracksale was one of the 40 startups selected from more than 1,500 startups around the world to participate in the startup acceleration program of the Government of Minas Gerais
Promessas Endeavor Promessas Endeavor Tracksale is one of the selected startups for the Promises of Endeavor program, a global NGO that fosters entrepreneurship, created in Brazil by some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country and in the World
Open Startups Stefanini Open Startups Stefanini Tracksale is one of 18 technology startups selected for the Open Startups program, which aims to establish a commercial partnership with Stefanini
Programa Tutoria Escola de Formação Gerencial Programa Tutoria Escola de Formação Gerencial Tracksale's CEO is recognised as a partner of the Mentoring Program from the Sebrae's School of Management Training, along with other companies, such as: Ricardo Eletro, Subway and Verdemar Supermarket
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