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Work outside the box

Tracksale is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

At Tracksale, we do not believe in cubicles, we believe in collaborative and open workspaces. This open environment allows ideas to flow easily between people from every corner, so you can interact with people around you to implement powerful ideas and create a beautiful product.

Curva de trabalho da Tracksale

Concept #AmazingWork

Our idea of offering an AMAZING work involves:

Listen to music while working

Work with whichever item of clothing you want

Join our meetings focused on entrepreneurship! #RealTimeTracksale

Join a Tech Lovers Team

You will certainly lose at FIFA 2019 to our CEO

Stay connected with #SanPedroValley the startup community in Belo Horizonte, internationally renowned

Experience the daily life of an internationally awarded startup, which serves the largest companies in Brazil

Do your own work schedule

Join our party and our Happy Hour every Friday!

Meet our team, our awards and where we have already been featured in the media

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